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360 degree-tours – production of real and 3D VR films


360-degree tours is an interactive tool to make rooms, areas or real estate available as a 3D tour. Such tours can be created with 360-degree images and software or as 360-degree videos. This makes content tangible and emotionalizes the user. Presentations, marketing or sales can be ideally supported.

The production of 360-degree tours with the help of cameras and software is especially interesting for existing objects.

For projects in planning, THE VATRIX can program and model them. For this, THEVATRIX uses the existing planning data (for example from architects) or models a corresponding object based on examples. This object can also be walked through in 360-degrees in real time. For example, planned real estate can be visualized and sold before construction begins, or investment projects can be visualized accordingly and prepared for a decision-making process.

THE VATRIX has the latest hardware and software as well as technology to make such 360-degree tours individually experienceable at the highest level. In addition, THEVATRIX has a team of experienced programmers and modelers to digitally recreate or complete objects.

Technical Details:

THE VATRIX uses hardware such as 360-degree cameras and drones and software to create 360-degree tours of existing objects. In addition, experienced developers work on the creation of virtual objects. The following project services are provided by the team of THE VATRIX.

·        High-end film and photo technology

·        Filming on water, land and air

·        Shooting and production planning

·        VR storytelling

·        Post production

·        Music and sound design

·        Provision of data formats for all channels

·        Programming and modeling of digital objects

Use cases:

Use cases for 360-degree tours include the following:


·        Tours of existing properties

·        Programming and modeling of planned real estate and real estate projects

·        Documentation of construction progress

·        Presentation of areas that are difficult to access

·        Presentation of companies or leading personalities

·        Onboarding

·        Presentation of external divisions, plants or locations

·        Presentation of production processes

·        Sales promotion

·        Visualization of objects and products

Service & Support

·       Project management

·       Provision of hardware and software

·       IT-Team to generate content (filming, programming, modeling, rendering)

·       IT-support

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