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Digital Rooms – 365-dayworldwide platform


Digital rooms offer an emotionalizing possibility to make companies, brands or products digitally experienceable.  

The design and functionality of a digital room is individually adapted to the needs of each customer. Representations range from trade fair booths and digital replicas of factories to modern beach villas with product presentations. In addition to basic functions such as three-dimensional walk-through capability, communication tools such as videochats, livestreams for presentations and lectures, and "execution" platforms can be connected.

A digital room, also named ‘virtual space’, offers new dimensions in the marketing of products, as processes can be visualize­­d that are hidden or difficult to demonstrate in reality. For example, the inner mechanisms of large machines can be animated, a product can staged innumerous different ways or the exact sequence of a medical process can be shown in detail and trained.

In addition, marketing-relevant usage data can be clearly displayed, showing just how popular specific products are or providing dynamic suggestions by using artificial intelligence.

THE VATRIX adapts digital space specifically to individual needs. All modern solutions area vailable as media, whether as an innovative virtual reality project, an all-round solution on mobile devices or as a classic desktop application.  

Technical Details:

In addition to the interactive functionality of the digital 3D rooms, a comprehensive software package with community app (social media app for digital, definable user groups) can be provided as well as interface management, provision of a backend solution with a specially programmed streaming solution and server capacities to guarantee transmission quality for a large group of users as well as special data evaluation tools.

With this technique, virtual 360° experience with free passability and streaming solutions can be provided by THE VATRIX.

The digital rooms are scalable and can be extended by different modules such as interactions (video chat, chat, calendar, voice chat), analytics or news feed.

Use cases:

A digital room is useful for several purposes. Not only can new customers be acquired through the worldwide accessibility around the clock. Training and education can take place in the virtual space, as can product presentations. The room becomes a unique experience and can be walked through in real time in 360 degrees.

·        Sales and Marketing Platform - Product, Procedure or Service Presentation

·        Training (e. g. explain use of products or services)

·        Increase the reach of company and visibility

·        Collect and analyze data

·        Present specific topics such as company history, financial reports, etc. in a uniqueway


Service & Support:

·        Concepting to configurate the individual digital room

·        Provision of hardware (such as servers if required)

·        Programming of Software solutions

·        Project management

·        Support and updates

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