Education Box

THE VATRIX ‘Business Box’: Interactive medium for schools, universities and training institutes


Media literacy and XR for pupils, students and trainees.

In the course of the digital transformation, the demand for pupils, students and trainees (hereinafter "pupils") to be familiar with the latest technology and to be able to use it professionally, is increasing.

The integration of digital possibilities in the classroom should be made possible for the students within the framework of the Education Box. Students can use 360-degree cameras as well as VR headsets, tablets and software from the Education Box to cover defined teaching content. In the process, students build media skills in addition to classroom-related expertise.

In addition to building media skills and teaching content, the lesson is made more tangible for the students. Experiencing and emotionalizing students as well as involving them in content creation enables them to memorize specific teaching content long-term.

Teachers can control the use of the content via a tablet and access a constantly growing database of teaching content.


Technical Details:

Hardware Kit with Software Solution Package for Virtual and Augmented Realities for individual internal and external teaching and training use.

The hardware solution is supplemented by suitable software solutions and enables own user-friendly and individual use of the ‘Education Box’. THE VATRIX uses the latest software for the ‘Education Box’ and enables a demand-oriented scalability and adaptation of the software applications.

Content ‘Education Box’:


16x VR  Headsets

4x Apple Tablet

4x 360° Camera

1x WIFI  LTE Router

1x Transport case

Chargers and connecting cables

Optional:  additional software programs


Use cases:

Usable for schools, universities and training institutions in different areas for VR-presentation (presentation, onboarding, education, training) or as a medium for learning and content generation.

·        Building media competence

·        Teaching content

·        Emotional experience of teaching content

·        Project-related creation of teaching content

·        Presentation of teaching content

·        Exchange of teaching content in a constantly growing database

·        Interactive medium for interdisciplinary exchange and projects

Service & Support

·        Provision of hardware

·        Installation & Initial Setup of Software

·        Support hard & software and updates

·        Introductory workshop

·        IT-support

Mr. Gerrit Wein
Thurn-und-Taxis-Platz 1
60313 Frankfurt am Main