Treasury CFO

Treasury Box and CFO: Presentation of company values on a digitalplatform


Companies must justify their investments to shareholders or investors. They also need to present meaningful, emotionalizing presentations for fund raising to create a basis deciding on investment.

360-degree videos of buildings, production facilities, processes, machines or technologies, which can be presented in a virtual room, using software from THE VATRIX, make it possible for off site investors or shareholders to experience the project. The possibility of presenting via VRheadset can emotionalize and therefore positively influence potential investors.

In addition, buildings, production facilities, processes, machines or technologies that do not yet exist can be simulated, modeled and programmed.


The presentation of projects in virtual space and under a VR headset gives investors and shareholders an emotionalizing insight, even though the decision-makers are not physically on site. The ‘Treasury Box’ by THE VATRIX combines software and hardware solutions to present company values on a digital platform.

Technical Details:

There are various technical options for presenting specific projects or investment decisions to investors and shareholders. The basic idea is to make projects visually available and perceptible with the assistance of digital rooms and 360-degree images or programming and modeling.

Individual existing elements can be filmed with a 360-degree camera and made available virtually. With THE VATRIX software, these elements are then available remotely at any time.

Other envisioned projects, such as buildings, machines, etc., can be simulated (programmed and modeled).

By providing the digital content in a virtual space and making VR headsets available to investors and shareholders, an innovative medium can be used to justify investments or raise capital on the capitalmarket.

THE VATRIX works with its own hardware and software and has its own programmers and modelers who can create and provide the required content as required. By using THE VATRIX's software, participants can be guided through the digital space in a VR headset via a tablet, ensuring an emotionalizing and goal-oriented experience. Software and hardware are available in the ‘Treasury Box’ by THE VATRIX.

Use cases:

There are several use cases for presenting specific projects or investment decisions:

·        Fund Raising Roadshows

·        Innovative medium for visualization of investment decisions

·        Reinforcement of investment projects

·        Involvement and integration of investors and shareholders across distances

·        Securing the investment project and increasing the chance of realization of the project through visualizations in 3D

·        Explanation and presentation of investments in 3D

Service & Support:

·        Individual consulting on the project and identification of suitable technical measures

·        IT support during the pitch

·        Recording of project, modelling and programming services

·        Preparation of projects in a digital room in 3D

·        Provision of software for the pitch

·        Provision of hardware for the pitch

·        Introductory workshop

·        Project management

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