Audit Box

Audits remotely at anytime


Audits, reviews and checks (hereinafter referred to as "audits") of individual processes, company divisions or productions often take place directly on site. This requires a high commitment of resources. Responsible persons have to travel to the site, have corresponding set-up times and travel costs, and include employees onsite. Such audits require lead times.

In the course of travel restrictions, such audits are associated with an even higher effort or even become uneconomical.

THE VATRIX has developed a concept to make remote audits available at any time. For this purpose, THE VATRIX has provided a solution –the ‘Audit Box’, consisting of hardware and software elements that can be used according to instruction by the on-site staff and inspectors. In addition, THE VATRIX's IT team is available at all times during recordings or live assessments or provide active on-site support if required.

The audits can be carried out with various end devices of the ‘Audit Box’ and streamed live, so that a check or correction is possible in real time. Alternatively, acheck can also be recorded and retrieved at any time. The software provided inthe ‘Audit Box’ can also be used to visually display comments or specificmarkings during the audits so that the point to be checked can be clearlyidentified and the error rectified. The audits are available both in 2D and as360-degree solutions.


Technical Details

THE VATRIX technical solutions depend on the requirements of the audit. There are severaloptions that can be selected accordingly.


As anexample, one of the technical solutions from THE VATRIX ‘Audit Box’ ispresented below:


Option AuditBox Classic

Live 360-degreeAssessment and Real time POV (point of view) video-stream with Google Glasses

●      Liveor recorded assessment in 360 degree or POV

●      Optionfor auditors to make notes and marks in video

●      Livevideo consultation between auditors and staff

●      Followtour in VR headsets and on Web-Interface

●      Guided remoteaudits

●      Augmentedservices

●      Interact viavoice chat


Use cases

Usable forcompanies in different areas for VR-presentation (presentation, onboarding,education, training) or as a medium for learning and content generation.


·        Audits

·        Processand product analysis

·        Inspectionsof company areas, departments, hard-to-reach areas

·        Companieswith several locations

·        Managersor technical staff who are not on site

·        Onboarding

·        Marketing(presentation of factory, production processes, quality)

·        Educationand training (record processes, train functionalities of machines and products,find errors in a process)

Service & Support

·        Consultancyfor suitable solution for the individual Check

·        Provisionof hardware and software

·        Trainingof team

·        Introductoryworkshop

·        Projectmanagement

·        IT-supportthroughout Audits


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