Virtual Trade Fairs

Digital Trade Fair – Virtual Fair accessible anytime and anywhere  


Not only in times of contact restrictions do many visitors prefer not visiting analog trade fairs. High travel costs or health-related location constraints can end a successful visit to a trade fair before it even begins. At the same time, many events are already so large thatit is almost impossible to visit all interesting exhibitors on the days of the fair. In addition, after the end of the analog trade show, there is no option to revisit interesting exhibitors or attend missed presentations and meetings afterwards.

There is an obvious need to digitally expand the possibilities of an analog trade fair and make it accessible to everyone at any time from home. This need is to be met by THE VATRIX's "Digital Trade Fair".

The DigitalTrade Fair includes a virtual walk-through exhibition hall so that exhibitors can present their company and products via digital content. Visitors can dial into the "Digital Trade Show" via all major media platforms (smartphone, web browser, V.R. & A.R. equipment) and walk the booths via intuitive controls and automated tours.

The DigitalTrade Fair can be available online 24/7 for visitors from all over the world, the required servers and software are based in Frankfurt, Hesse.

Technical Details: 

The Digital Trade Fair consists of an exhibition hall with various stands for exhibitors. There can also be a registration and reception area, a lounge area, seminar rooms and lecture and presentation rooms, just like at a real trade fair.

The exhibition stands are available in various sizes and equipped with different stand configurations as well as functionalities.

Visitors can enter the 3D exhibition stands in real time and interact with the exhibitors.

For this purpose, trade show organizers can choose between different modules for their exhibitors, which can be additionally booked and offered to the exhibitors:


Additional module 1:

Analytics (dwell time, number of visitors, heat map, location of visitors, conversions event-based, etc.)


Additional module 2:

Industry data or trade show data (comparison with competitors and in the overall context)


Additional module 3:

Contacts (with business cards, live chats, visitors on booth: digital footprint, etc.)


Additional module 4:

Interactions (video chat, chat, calendar, voice chat)


Additional module 5:

Deployment (streaming and server capacities) to optimize transmission quality


Additional module 6:

News feed and subscription system


Additional module 7:

Configurator and own content maintenance


Additional module 8:

Community Chat


Use cases:

·        Platform for industry and trade associations

·        365 day trade fair 24/7

·        In addition to physical fairs

·        Extension of physical trade fairs

·        Back-upsolution for physical trade shows that cannot take place or are limited due to travel restrictions or other limitations

·        Sales and marketing platform for multiple companies

·        Permanent trade show of one company: increase reach and reduce costs

·        Solution for sales

Service & Support:

·        Concepting to define individual Digital Trade Fair

·        Provision of hardware (such as servers if required)

·        Programming of Software solution

·        Support and updates

·        Continuous consultancy and project management

Mr. Gerrit Wein
Thurn-und-Taxis-Platz 1
60313 Frankfurt am Main