Hybrid Events

Hybrid Events – Increase both reach and the flexibility of your event


The planning and execution of events is changing permanently. In the wake of pandemics, travel restrictions and changes in travel behavior, events must meet the new circumstances.

Hybrid events provide a solution for happenings to react flexibly to current requirements, plan efficiently and conserve resources. At the same time, a hybrid event enables corresponding planning security since the digital part of the event can take place no matter what the circumstance.

During a hybrid event, the physical part takes place at a dedicated event location for a defined group of participants. A different defined part takes place digitally, such as live streaming and video-on-demand of the presentations, participation in video conferences or discussion panels.

In addition, trade fair stands of sponsors or exhibitors can be made tangible to participants in a virtual space. Certain topics become more tactile for participants via the digital platform with its technical possibilities than during physical events.

Combining on-site events with digital solutions is a novel and sustainable form of event that has gained dramatic importance in today's world.

Technical Details:

THE VATRIX has experience in the planning and execution of hybrid events.

The on-site location must meet the appropriate technical requirements for the integration of the digital part into the hybrid event. The live stages for the speakers or lecture rooms must be equipped accordingly and a good internet connection must be available. In addition, THE VATRIX is on-site with IT specialists to provide the technical solutions without any disruptions.

For the digital part, THE VATRIX offers the streaming service and provides the platform for digital events. In addition, exhibition halls, exhibition stands, and lecture rooms can be modeled and programmed as required.

THE VATRIX has its own software and hardware solutions for the implementation of hybrid events in scalable sizes.

Use cases:

·        Combination of on-site event with digital event

·        Scalable hybrid events

·        Back-up solution for physical events that cannot take place or are limited due to travel restrictions or other limitations

·        Planning security: digital event can definitely take place

·        Worldwide accessibility: Increase reach and reduce costs through digital solution

Service & Support:

·        Concepting to define individual hybrid event

·        Provision of hardware (such as cameras, technical equipment)

·        Streaming solution

·        Programming of software solution and provision of digital platform

·        Technical support throughout event

·        Continuous consultancy and project management

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